What do I need to do to prepare for Pest Control services?

You must organize all places to be treated such as kitchen and bathrooms or any other areas where pests may be present. Small children and pets may not be in areas where treatments are to be performed.

How long do pest control last?

Depending on what the treatment is for, treatments may last up to several weeks or a month. Sometimes longer. Always consult with a professional about the specific treatments and their length of effectiveness.

What should I do with my pets while my home is being treated?

Pets should be kept away from the areas treated until everything dries out.

Do I need to be home while Pest Controls services are being performed?

Yes you can be home while services are performed, but you should stay away from areas treated as well as your pets and children. You must wait until everything is dried. Once dried the treatment won't affect anything.

Are Pesticide safe after they dry?

Most pesticides are safe after they dried, but then again some chemical/products are dried when used. Always stay away as much as possible. Take special care to keep small children and pets away from treated areas.