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Don't Let Fleas Take Over Your Home or Office

Finding just a few fleas on your pet can mean thousands of tiny flea eggs have invaded your home and fallen onto your carpet or floor. The experts at AAG Pest Solutions, Inc. use natural treatment options to eliminate fleas from your home. We can eliminate fleas and ticks once and for all while keeping the safety of your family and pets in mind.

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Humans can be bitten as easily as pets by fleas. Having fleas in your home or business can be prevented by flea extermination and inspections. We can also inspect for ticks. Where there are fleas and ticks, there are most of the time our furry friends. Be assured that our procedure is safe for your pets.

We provide flea removal and inspection services for homeowners and business owners in the Mount Vernon, Yonkers, and surrounding NYC area. Reach out to our team now to schedule your service.