Get Rid Of Unwanted Guests

We offer rat and mice removal in Mount Vernon and Yonkers, NY

When you see a rat or mouse scurrying around in your home or office, contact a pest exterminator to take care of the problem fast. AAG Pest Solutions, Inc. offers mice and rat removal in Yonkers and Mount Vernon, New York.

It’s easy for rodents to get into your home in search of food, water or shelter. However, they can cause an array of problems, including:

  • Health risks
  • Wire damage
  • Property damage

With ideal living conditions, they can quickly multiply. Keep your home or office free of rodents by contacting a mice removal expert in Mount Vernon or Yonkers, NY.

Look for signs of mice and rats

Look for signs of mice and rats

It’s important to learn the signs of a potential rat or mice infestation on your property. You may notice gnawed plastic, missing food and droppings. Mice can get into tiny spaces, so it is difficult to know for sure if you have a rodent problem. The team at AAG Pest Solutions is here to help. We will place mouse trappers in common nesting areas in your home to eliminate the problem.

Your home will be rodent-free in no time with help from AAG Pest Solutions. Call 855-237-2588 today to schedule mice and rat removal in Mount Vernon or Yonkers, NY.