Protect Yourself And Your Family From Wasps


Don't let wasps stop you and your family from enjoying your home this summer. Protect and prevent getting stung and a possible hospital visit. Small children can be more susceptible to an allergic reaction causing serious injury even death. AAG Pest Solutions has the experience and techniques to eliminate the immediate threat wasps around you home. We use a comprehensive process to locate and remove any wasps on the property and take measures to prevent wasps from returning. If you suspect wasps are taking over you home or property, call the experts at AAG Pest Solutions today!

Take Back Your Property!

Take Back Your Property!

Here's What You Should Know About Wasps.

Most people become are stung by wasps during mid to late summer. Call a professional today so you can enjoy the outdoors with family and friends.

3 Signs That A Wasp Nest Is On Your Property

The Nest:
A wasp nest is one of the biggest indicators of a potential infestation. Depending on the species of wasp, the nest will resemble an upside-down cone structure with hollow tubes and comprised of a thin papery substance. Other species of wasps are known for building their nests underground making them difficult to locate. Depending on the depth, underground nests create an added danger for anyone who accidentally steps on, or kicks the nest.

The Noise:
Sometimes the nest is not clearly visible. It could be far out of sight on a roof, eaves, sheds, garages or under a deck. Listening to the tell-tale buzz is usually enough evidence that a wasp nest is nearby. Common noises include
buzzing, crackling, scratch and popping. During summer months, a wasp nest has the potential to swell in size and contain thousands of wasps.

The Swarm:
Large numbers of flying insects seen in a particular area may indicate a dangerous wasp presence. Wasps will spend the day hunting and searching for food to feed the queen and her offspring. Wasps will leave and return to the nest repeatedly making it easier for you to track down the location of the nest.If you do discover the wasp nest, keep a safe distance and do not attempt to take any action on your own. Keep any small children and pets indoors and call a professional immediately.

AAG Pest Solutions provides expert wasp removal and extermination services in Mount Vernon, Yonkers and surrounding areas in NY. If you suspect a wasp infestation on your home or property don't wait! Call 855-237-2588 and schedule an appointment now!